elizhj:  Hey, I'm kind of a huge music junkie and I'm asking a ton (and I mean a ton) of people for a list of about 3-5 of their favorite songs. They can be super underground/unheard of or the mainstream pop songs we hear every time we turn on the radio. Whatever your personal preference is. I'm going to listen to every song and compile several lists that will probably eventually be published to my friend's news site. If you get a chance, just shoot me a couple of songs! Thanks dude! Have a good one :)

Hello dear,I don’t really know what for you need the songs but I have some of my favourites for any kind of style.So here you go!

Burzum- Dunkelheit

Emilie Autumn-Take the pill

Peste Noir- Dueil Angoisseus

Four Tet- My angel rocks back and forth

Nick Cave- Babe Im on fire (is a long one)

The teenage jesus and the jerks- Orphan

Sonic Youth- Dirty Boots


Believe me…I can’t continiue until tomorrow~! But i’ll stop here.